AMA Education System gives full scholarship to an inspiring PWD student from Leyte

Tuesday Sicadsicad, a college student from Leyte, is a perfect example of determination and strength.

According to the article published on Rappler, Tuesday was struck by meningitis when she was 9 years old, which caused her to fall into a coma for 2 days. Her condition was so severe that when she recovered from the coma, they found out that the disease made her incapable of talking and controlling most of her muscles.

Because of her condition, she had to drop out of school when she was in Grade 3, but she continued learning at home with the use of a computer. Though she was no longer able to do the things that she used to do, her eagerness to learn remained very strong.

Later on, her family enrolled her for Alternative Learning System (ALS) so she could continue her basic education. Some of the challenges that she had to overcome during those years included having to learn to write with her foot and attending classes three times a week, which was quite difficult for her condition. Eventually, she was able to finish high school in Mabini Community School in Leyte with flying colors.
When she graduated from high school, she told her grandma that she wishes to enroll at AMA College Tacloban and take up a degree in IT. Her grandma went to the said campus and when the School Director learned how eager Tuesday is to pursue her studies, she coordinated with the team handling AMA Online Education (AMA OEd) in Manila to ask for assistance.

Surprisingly, the CEO of AMA Education System (AMAES), Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX, learned about Tuesday’s case and immediately decided to give her full scholarship. According to AMA OEd Team, they gave Tuesday full scholarship, not only because of her condition, but also to fulfill their vision of providing education for all, including those with special needs.

In addition, AMA OEd promised to help Tuesday find employment by endorsing her to industry partners of AMA Education System when she finishes her online college degree.

At the end of Rappler’s interview with Tuesday, by typing on the keyboard using her foot, she gave a message to other people with special needs:

"To those who are like me, yes we are different, but that's not enough reason to stop and not reach your dreams. Just continue dreaming and turn that dream into reality."

Currently, Tuesday is busy with her online studies through and is on her way to earning a college degree and becoming an IT professional.

AMA Online Education is a program by AMAES that aims to provide quality education through distance learning. Classes are fully online and students can take up their lessons at home or even while traveling at their own pace and convenience.

AMAES has an online learning system not only for college programs but for Senior High School as well. It is the first educational institution in the Philippines that has a BLENDED LEARNING system for Senior High School.

3 Major Benefits of having an AMAES School Franchise

More than Financial Rewards.    

1. Build your income
Education in the Philippines, culturally rooted to be prioritized in most Filipino families, it’s also regarded as one of the first steps in achieving financial success and a better socioeconomic status. Parents are willing to sacrifice more just to provide a quality education for their children.  AMA Education System’s proven and more than 30 years of experience in education business guarantees you with more enrollees and a better profit. Proper management and care, your school franchise can grow exponentially and fruitful.

2. Build your legacy
Most of us rarely get a chance to change and improve the lives of others while reaping financial success at the same time. When you provide quality education accessible and affordable for the community through a school franchise investment, you don’t only help solve education problems in the Philippines but also seizing the opportunity to mold the next generation.

3. Build the country's future
Having a school franchise business will allow you to create an impact in nation building and produce better future leaders for our country. Equipped with the right values and knowledge, the students who will then become the country’s next professionals and leaders, will lead the nation to a brighter future.  One of the solutions that will allow you that is to offer a globally recognized IT-based education at an affordable cost.

The AMA Guarantee
AMA Education System is backed by a strong, reliable organization honed by 35 years of success in the education sector. To date, AMAES has 57 franchise schools in different parts of the country.

AMAES’ top-notch franchising system will assist franchisees with everything required to run a school, including the accomplishment of permits and licenses, site selection, school layout, training, and other necessities, making it the best option for entrepreneurs seeking to be an active participant in nation building.

If you want to schedule a free Franchise Orientation in AMA Head Office, you may call (02) 737-5536 or visit AMA Franchise website:

WATCH: AMA Senior High featured on Umagang Kay Ganda

AMA Senior High School was featured on ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda last July 18, 2016.

The segment highlighted the advantages of AMA Senior High's BLENDED LEARNING SYSTEM, an instructional method that makes use of technology by combining face to face and online classes.

Blended Learning System aims to develop self discipline and time management skills of students, and at the same time, help parents or guardians lessen the expenses for their children's studies, as with it, students are only required to go to the campus three days a week, and the remaining 2 days of classes can be taken online in the comforts of their home or even while traveling.

AMAES pioneers BLENDED LEARNING SYSTEM for Senior High School

Senior High School Class at ACLC College San Pablo

Another first for the Digital Citizens of the 21st Century

Today, Grade 11 students enrolled in one of the AMA Education System (AMAES) schools are experiencing 21 st century education where they learn two ways: via a teacher in the classroom and via e-learning online. This is called Blended Learning, a mode of instruction used in many parts of the world accessible to everyone. Of the 200 AMAES schools worldwide, 121 are offering Senior High.

News Clipping: Published on The Philippine Star July 3, 2016 issue

Blended Learning at AMAES as early as the 90s
In the mid-1990s, AMAES introduced in-campus e-Learning utilizing the Novell computer network operating system. By 1998, AMAES took the lead again by partnering with CISCO, the largest networking company in the world, to deliver Internet- based skills training on computer networking. Two years later AMAES further enhanced its e-Learning capability by forming two invaluable alliances, tapping two of the leading global providers of e-learning content: Smartforce and Intralearn which allowed the creation of e-classes and enhanced learning via the Internet. In 2004, AMAES made a bold move by pioneering Blended Learning through the use of satellite technologies in partnership with Mabuhay Satellite. Under this model, highly qualified experts in their respective fields conducted simultaneous classes from a central location to all the over 150 AMAES schools nationwide. This leveled the playing field by allowing AMAES students from the far-flung areas like Cotabato and Laoag to have access to the same experts and learning materials as their Metro Manila classmates.

Education without borders
In 2015, right after the passing of the Philippine Education Law, AMAES pioneered full online degree education program catering to students, not just in the Philippines, but anywhere in the world. No-classroom classroom… education anytime, anywhere without the need for physical classrooms, just the magic of satellite, Internet and handheld devices.

Blended Learning in and out of the classroom
This school year 2016-17, AMAES Grade 11 students are experiencing Blended Learning in and out of the classroom— 50% with teacher in school and 50% online. Three days a week, they study in the classroom. The other two days, they study online on their own at their chosen place, time and pace giving them the opportunity to better understand a subject matter before moving on to the next topic.

AMAES IT-driven education
Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of AMAES, is recognized as the Father of IT education in the Philippines because he paved the way for computer education in the country. From the time he opened the first computer school in 1980, he knew that technology is the wave of the future. Thus, he stuck to one simple, focused, forward-looking formula for all the different AMAES schools: whatever courses or programs are being offered, they must be IT- or technology-driven with international partnerships to ensure that all AMAES graduates are globally competitive.

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