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AMA Education System (AMAES) is the group that operates and manages the following educational institutions:

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Blended Learning Advantage - AMA Senior High

OUR REPUTATION: AMA Education System (AMAES) is the largest network of Senior High Schools nationwide. Pioneer. First IT school in the Philippines. (ASC No. A004N040616A).

Unlike any other senior high schools,  AMA Senior High implements BLENDED LEARNING SYSTEM, an instruction method that combines face to face classes and online education, which allows students to take lessons online at their own pace, giving them the opportunity to better understand each lesson and have more time for other activities be it for personal purposes or school related.

With this innovative and highly advanced learning method, students can enjoy and experience learning with the use of technology and be ahead in terms of knowledge in IT and complex computer operations, thus giving them a definite edge in any industry or field that requires the said skills or competencies.

NOTE: Programs offered and actual start of classes may vary per campus. Please call or visit any of our campuses nearest you for more details.


ABM – Accountancy, Business and Management
GAS – General Academic Strand
HUMSS – Humanities and Social Sciences
HE – Home Economics
IA – Industrial Arts

Will cover Sports, Fitness and Recreation Leadership.

Will cover Media Arts and Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Dance, Music and Theater

  • AMA University
  • AMA Colleges
  • ABE International
  • Business College
  • ACLC College
  • AMA Basic Education
  • Southern Luzon
  • College – Cavite
  • Sta. Veronica College
  • St. Augustine School of Nursing
  • St. Augustine Integrated School

1. Form 137 or Grade 10 report card and copy
   of Grade 10 completion certificate.
2. Copy of NSO birth certificate.
3. Certificate of good moral character from previous school.
4. 2 pcs. 2×2 picture
5. 1 long brown envelope
6. Voucher/Payment of tuition fees
  (for students from private schools who did not avail of DepEd voucher subsidy).

For more information about AMA Senior High, please call or visit any AMAES member school nearest you.

Enjoy the advantage of Blended Learning at AMA Senior High



Inquiry Hotline: (02) 863-7000

mobile: 292-90-26237 

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Inquiry Hotline: (02) 863-7000

mobile: 292-90-26237 

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