Asia’s King of School Systems

Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V is the Founder, Owner and Chairman of the AMA Group of Companies and currently the Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of the Philippines to the Gulf Cooperation Council. He is much known for building Asia’s largest school system, AMA Education System and is considered as the Father of IT Education in the Philippines.

He was born on September 05, 1945 in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines to proud parents, Hon. Amable M. Aguiluz,Sr. and Ester R. Aguiluz. He is married to Cielo Cruz –Aguiluz and blessed with amiable children namely Amable C. Aguiuluz IX, Ma. Angela C. Aguiluz –Lamson and Ma. Clara C. Aguiluz – Buendia.

After finishing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City in 1968, he completed his Master’s in Business Administration in 1983 at the University of the East and later earned his Doctorate Degree from Columbia College, Missouri, USA in 1990.

His executive training includes attendance to a number of international management programs, among them: Top Management Program, Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Bali, Indonesia in 1991; and the North American International Forum, sponsored by the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in September of the same year. He is one of the few Filipinos who finished the 3-year Management course (OPM batch 32) at Harvard Business School especially for owners and presidents of big businesses in 2002.

In 1980 Dr. Aguiluz founded Asia’s first and largest computer-based education system in the Philippines – The AMA Education System (AMAES). Starting with 13 students it has grown to over 150,000 students to date. From 1 campus it has grown to 200 campuses in the Philippines and 8 international campuses. AMAES is composed of AMA Computer University, AMA Computer Colleges, AMA Computer Learning Center, AMA International Institute of Technology, ABE International Business College, St. Augustine School of Nursing, AMA School of Medicine, AMA Basic Education (formerly St. Augustine International School), Southern Luzon College – Cavite, Delta Air International Aviation Academy, Sta. Veronica College – La Union, AMA International University – Bahrain, AMA International Training Institute, AMA International School and Al Fawz International School.

Inspired by his father, who was a firm believer that a good education makes for success, Dr. Aguiluz V committed to provide a legacy to the youth. His aim is to give young Filipinos the competitive education in answer to the growing needs of the modern society. His vision is to see the Philippines as the center for computer education in the Asian region.

DR. AMABLE R. AGUILUZ V - Executive Profile


Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V holds the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
  • University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City (1968)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • University of the East (1983)
  • Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Columbia College at Missouri, USA (1990)
  1. Top Management Program
  2. Asian Institute of Management (1991)
    In preparation for bigger social responsibilities, he armed himself with managerial skills from
  3. Top Management Program held in Bali, Indonesia by the Asian Institute of Management in 1991.
  4. Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania (1991) Dr. Aguiluz V attended the Executive Development Program and the North American International Forum at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
  5. Owners/ Presidents Management Program Harvard University (2002) Dr. Aguiluz V, the only Filipino among CEOs of top business firms all over the world to graduate from the Owners/ Presidents Management Program, a three- year program specially designed by the Harvard Business School.


  1. Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of the Philippines
    Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V was appointed by Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on May 17, 2003, re-appointed on July 15, 2004 as her Special Envoy to the Gulf Cooperation Council Member States.
    With Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V’s performance and accomplishments in the previous administration, these merit his recognition to be chosen and re-appointed by His Excellency President BENIGNO SIMEON C. AQUINO III on August 10, 2010 as his Special Envoy to the Gulf Cooperation Council until 2016. When His Excellency President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE assumed office on July 1, 2016, Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V was again re-appointed Special Envoy to the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  2. Founder and Chairman, AMA Group of Companies

Founder and Chairman of the AMA Group of Companies, a Filipino- owned enterprise, pioneer in IT-based education, committed to provide excellent products and services in the Philippines and global market.

A. AMA Education System

  • AMA Computer University
  • AMA Computer Learning Center
  • AMA International Institute of Technology
  • ABE International College of Business and Accountancy
  • Delta Air International Aviation Academy
  • St. Augustine International School (Basic Education)
  • St. Augustine School of Nursing
  • AMA School of Medicine
  • AMA International University of Bahrain
  • AMA International School Bahrain
  • AMA International Training Institute Bahrain
  • AMA Computer Learning Center
  • AMA Computer Learning Center Macau
  • Al Fawz International School Muscat, Oman

B. AMA Group Business Units

  • Financial Business Group
    – AMA Bank
    – AMA Plans, Inc.
  • Land Infrastructure and Development

      – AMA Land, Inc.
      – PICAR Development

  • Power Supplies Distribution – MCA Power Corporation
  • Buddha Bar (French Franchise)

3. University President, AMA Computer University

First University President of AMA Computer University, invested by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on February 5, 2002. He is the acknowledged “Father of Computer Education in the Philippines”. The AMA Computer College was first established in 1980 with barely 13 students. Now, it is already a full pledged University, growing stronger as an IT-based education provider in the Philippines and abroad.

4. Chairman, AMA Foundation, Inc.

Established in July 18, 1985, the AMA Foundation, Inc. provides scholarship and financial assistance to deserving students. The Foundation also assists social-political government agencies, local government units and non-governmental organization in implementing computer literacy program, skills training and enhancement and medical and dental outreach. It also participates in the school-rehabilitation program by the Department of Education in typhoon-stricken areas. It is also an active volunteer of the Habitat foundation.

1. Presidential Consultant on Computer Education
Following the tradition of the public service in the family, Dr. Aguiluz V also served in the Cabinet as Presidential Consultant for Computer Education, under the Estrada Administration.
The government realized the importance of computer education in society and it has specially tasked Dr. Aguiluz V to address the concerns in this particular area. The agenda was to equalize opportunities for the poor and the rich, considering that the job market and the current educational system seem to favor only those who can afford expensive schools that have adopted state-of-the-art and innovative facilities.

2. Chairman, Y2K Commission
Dr. Aguiluz V was appointed as Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Year 2000 (Y2K) where he was appropriately branded as the “Bug Buster of the Philippines”. He was entrusted the gargantuan task of raising public awareness on Y2K problem, a position rightfully given to him in recognition of his valuable contribution in upholding and promoting academic excellence in the field of computer education.

3. Columnist, The Philippine Star
He was a regular columnist on education for the Philippine Star, one of the Philippines’ top 3 daily newspapers with nationwide and international circulation.

Awards, Citations, Honors (1991 to 2018)

  1. Top Computer School Award (1991)
    The Consumer Union of the Philippines cited AMA Computer College with its Institutional Award as the Top Computer School in 1991.

    2. Agora Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship (1995)
    For his dynamic vision and professional excellence, the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) honored him with the remarkable Agora Award for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship in 1995.

    3. Golden Scroll Award for Education (1996)
    The 1996 Parangal ng Bayan recognized the exceptional performance of Dr. Aguiluz V as a Philippine educator and gave him the Golden Scroll Award for Education.

    4. Celebrity Father Award – Outstanding Father of the Year (1996)
    The Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day Council, Golden Mother and Father Foundation, Inc. honored him as the 1996 Celebrity Father Awardee for Education.

    5. Kabalikat sa Laang Bisig Award (1997)
    Recognizing his ingenuity and commitment to make computer education in the country more accessible and affordable, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) awarded AMA Computer College with the prestigious Working group Citation, the 1997 Kabalikat sa Laang Bisig Award.

    6. Onofre Banzon Award for Professional Achievement (2002)
    Tau Alpha Fraternity of the UP, in celebration of their 70th anniversary, honors their distinguished alumnus with the Onofre Banzon Award for Professional Achievement, citing his many accomplishments in professional life that have brought honor and pride to the fraternity.

    7. Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist (2004)

    8. PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF MERIT (2006) conferred by the President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal –Arroyo on September 5, 2006 at Malacañang, Manila for his exemplary contribution to the improvement to the country’s relation with the Gulf States.

    9. “75 Most Admired Entrepreneurs” by the Entrepreneur Magazine (2007)

    10. BREW Award (BizNews Asia Real Estate Who is Who) (2009)

    11. Recognized as one of the most powerful and influential Filipinos in the Power 100 of BizNews Asia (2010)

    Business Leaders who show concern and sympathy by helping uplifting the life of common Filipino are recognized in this award

    13. BREW Award (BizNews Asia Real Estate Who is Who) (2011)

    14. DSWD Certificate of Recognition for his support to the different programs and services for the disadvantaged sector, particularly in providing computer training for residents of the National Training School for Boys.

    15. Entrepreneurship Excellence Award (BizNews Asia) (2015)

    16. Gawad Kaagapay Awardee (Land Bank of the Philippines) (2016)

    17. Active Business Council – Philippine Bahrain Business Council (2016)

    18. Most Outstanding Kapampangan Award (MOKA) in Education (2016)

    19. President Diosdado Macapagal Award for Outstanding Lubenians in Education (2017)

    20. University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA) 2018 Presidential Award

1. Canada Business Award (1995)
In 1995, the Canadian Embassy hailed him with its Canadian Business Award for his MCA Holdings and Management Corporation.

2. Medallion of Bahrain (2002)
Conferred by His Majesty the King of Bahrain, Shaikh Hamad bin Salman Al Khalifa and presented by Prime Minister H.H. Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa in recognition of Dr. Aguiluz’ efforts to strengthen cooperation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of the Philippines and in appreciation of his commitment to bolster education in the Middle East.

Memberships in Professional, Civic, and Other Organizations

A. Vice Chairman OF ALOCU (1991)
His excellent achievements did not go unnoticed. In 1991, he became the first and only Asian who served as Vice Chairman of the American League of Colleges and Universities (ALOCU)

B. United Nations Y2K Steering Committee (Chairman)
Dr. Aguiluz V became a member of the Y2K Coordinating Center with 172 member countries based in Washington, DC. Eventually, his leadership made him to Chair the UN Y2K Steering Committee composed of Y2K Head Chiefs worldwide, including US, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, and the Philippines.

C. Asian Regional Council (Chairman)
Eventually, he was appointed as Chairman of its Asian Regional Council composed of 43 member-countries. It was a body created by the United Nations funded by the World Bank to oversee activities of countries worldwide in making their computer systems Y2K compliant. As Chairman, he exchanged views and shared insights with representatives of various national. He delivered a paper on Y2K Disaster-Preparedness before the UN General Assembly, a paper that proved critical and vital as it was approved and adopted by all the UN member-countries.
With the same passion for service to his fellow Filipinos, he organized the Second Y2K Global Summit in Manila that gathered computer experts, professionals, government workers and academicians in the Philippines and all over the world to synchronize solutions to the Y2K problem.

D. Chairman of the International Federation of Universities of Science and Technology
The distinguished achievements of Dr. Aguiluz V also earned for him the position as Chairman of the International Federation of Universities of Science and Technology.

E. Chairman – Philippine-Bahrain Business Council of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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