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Accepting new students and transferees in all levels for SY 2023-2024.
Scholarships and subsidies are available.

Enrollment Ongoing for S.Y. 2024-2025

First to integrate A.I. in Senior High School and College Programs.

Choose from our various programs that best suits you.

AMA pioneers in IT education in the Philippines, cultivating tech-savvy leaders through comprehensive programs and establishing itself as a trusted choice for quality education that readies you for future careers.

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Watch now. Discover the untapped potential of a career in Cybersecurity.

The need for cyber security professionals is growing globally, including in the Philippines. The country is working to introduce cyber security programs in universities and mandate the appointment of professionals for critical infrastructures.

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Here at AMA, we provide you with every advantage possible!
From nursery to post graduate studies, we’ve got you covered.

✅ IT-based education
✅Cutting-edge A.I. integration on Senior High School programs
✅ Various short courses and degree programs available to match your interests
✅ International partnerships with some of the biggest names in the IT industry
✅ More opportunities and hands-on experience at school and in the workplace through our OJT program