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With AMA Blended Learning, students go to school only 3 days a week and study online outside the school for the 2 remaining school days. It helps students to have school-life balance and have more time for people and things they love.

The said learning method is implemented for senior high school and college programs in all AMAES member schools.

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How to access AMA Education System Blended Portal:

  1. Go to or “click the button above” and login using your 11-digit USN account.
  2. Select your corresponding portal for SHS, College Semestral or Trimestral.
  3. For first time access, you have to complete LMS USER Profile.
  4. To open online courses, click My Course or go to Dashboard
  5. List of online subjects are based on actual enrolled subject/s from Oracle PSCS campus system.
Note:  Always use lowercase password when accessing LMS