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2 ways to learn at AMA

2 Ways to Learn with AMA's Online Learning Program

2 ways to learn at AMA - Full Online
2 ways to learn at AMA - Online Lite

Full Online

With AMA’s full online learning program, all lessons and exams are conducted online, which is why the student must have a gadget and stable internet connection. AMA’s online learning platform is accessible on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, and you may study anytime using any of the devices mentioned.

AMA’s online learning platform is loaded with lessons and lectures that you can read or watch anytime, allowing you to study at your most convenient time. You may also read lessons and watch the lecture videos over and over if you need to or for you to understand it better. This is one of the great features of AMA Online Learning Program, wherein students can have the opportunity to study at their most convenient time, which is called asynchronous learning.

Apart from the pre-loaded learning materials and videos, there will also be live online classes via zoom, as it is still important for students to experience learning with other fellow students even in a virtual setup.

Online Lite

This is suitable for those who want to pursue online learning but with weak or unstable internet connection. With this learning method, students only need to login to the online learning platform and download the lessons. Once downloaded, the student may view the lessons offline.

When it comes to quizzes and exams, students can answer the exam offline and it will automatically be uploaded or submitted to the system once the student goes online or once the device s/he is using connects to the internet.

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