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AMAES Bring Your Buddy: Earn Cash or Tuition FREE

AMAES Bring Your Buddy: Earn Cash or Tuition FREE!

Hey AMAES students! Exciting news! Bring your buddies along on your educational journey and get rewarded!

Here’s how it works:

  • Refer your friends, family, or classmates to join AMA Education System either through our convenient online portal or by introducing them in person to our campus administrator.
    Once your buddy successfully enrolls and pays the down payment and receives their certificate of registration, you’ll get your reward!
  • For SHS referrals: Get a fantastic P500 off your tuition!
  • For college and other segments: Enjoy a generous P1,000 off on your next tuition!
  • It’s super easy to submit your referral request! Just head to the Discipulus portal, go to “Menu,” select “Student Request,” and click “Referral.”
  • Spread the word and enroll together to make the most of this awesome opportunity! Let’s achieve those #TuitionFeeDiscountGoals together!

Hurry! Help a buddy choose their school and earn tuition rewards with AMAES!
At AMA Education System, we believe in shared success! Refer your friends and family to join us, and you’ll be rewarded with cash or a tuition fee discount on your next payment!

Let’s grow and succeed together with AMAES! Enroll them now and spread the word!

🚀#TuitionFeeRewards #SuccessInEducation

Now accepting registrations for SY 2023-2024! We accept DepEd voucher.

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