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The advantages of Blended Learning at AMA Education System

Unlike others, AMAES Students are fully enjoying the benefits of “BLENDED LEARNING SYSTEM” – an instruction method used in many parts of the world that combines face to face classes and online learning. Detailing this method, students spend time about 50% with a teacher in school and 50% studying online. For three days a week, they study in the classroom and the two remaining school days is spent for online studying, thus giving them the opportunity to better understand a subject matter before moving on to the next lesson. Another advantage is having more time for other activities, be it school related or for personal purposes.

This innovative and highly advanced learning method gives students a definite edge not just in I.T. but in any industry or field that requires early computer skills or similar competencies. Blended learning approach aims to modernize Senior High in the country and prepare students for careers requiring knowledge in technology and online training or classes they might take in future that is essential for career advancement.

Did you know that AMAES practiced Blended Learning as early as the 90s?

Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of AMAES, is recognized as the Father of IT education in the Philippines because he paved the way for computer education in the country. From the time he opened the first computer school in 1980, he knew that technology is the wave of the future and one of the best ways to partly solve education problems in the Philippines. Thus, he stuck to one simple, focused, forward-looking formula for all the different AMAES schools: whatever courses or programs are being offered, they must be IT- or technology-driven with international partnerships to ensure that all AMAES graduates are globally competitive.

In the mid-1990s, when the use of technology in education is just starting to be prevalent, AMAES introduced in-campus e-Learning utilizing the Novell computer network operating system. By 1998, AMAES took the lead again by partnering with CISCO, the largest networking company in the world, to deliver Internet- based skills training on computer networking. Two years later AMAES further enhanced its e-Learning capability by forming two invaluable alliances, tapping two of the leading global providers of e-learning content: Smartforce and Intralearn which allowed the creation of e-classes and enhanced learning via the Internet. In 2004, AMAES made a bold move by pioneering Blended Learning through the use of satellite technologies in partnership with Mabuhay Satellite. Under this model, highly qualified experts in their respective fields conducted simultaneous classes from a central location to all the over 150 AMAES schools nationwide. This leveled the playing field by allowing AMAES students from the far-flung areas like Cotabato and Laoag to have access to the same experts and learning materials as their Metro Manila classmates.

Education without Borders.

In 2015, right after the passing of the Philippine Education Law, AMAES pioneered full online degree education programs catering to students, not just in the Philippines, but anywhere in the world. No-classroom classroom… education anytime, anywhere without the need for physical classrooms, just the magic of satellite, the Internet and handheld devices.

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