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FULL ONLINE - Full access online learning platform.

• Recommended for students with stable internet connection.
• Includes all features of AMA Online Learning.
(Access lectures and lessons anytime, access to virtual library, access to zoom virtual classes, online consultation with Online Learning Coordinators (OLCs), answer quizzes and exams online, see grades and test scores online, see account information)

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ONLINE LITE - Offline reading feature.

• Recommended for students with weak or unstable internet connection.
• Download lessons online and read offline.
• Answer quizzes and exams offline and automatically submit answers to our system once your device connects to the internet.

Ready for the New Normal

Under the new normal, classes for AMA Colleges will be fully online to keep students and educators safe. Once face to face classes are allowed, all campuses will switch back to blended learning where students will go to school 3 days a week and study online for the 2 remaining school days. This way, we can ensure that safety protocols like physical distancing can be implemented.



AMA Senior High

AMA Senior High

First in blended learning and full online learning for SHS in the Philippines.

AMA Education System is the first to offer blended learning and full online learning for Senior High School in the Philippines.

Certified and Recognized

ISO 9001:2008 Certified for all programs; Recognized as Center of Development in Information Technology by CHED…

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