3 Major Benefits of having an AMAES School Franchise

More than Financial Rewards.    

1. Build your income
Education in the Philippines, culturally rooted to be prioritized in most Filipino families, it’s also regarded as one of the first steps in achieving financial success and a better socioeconomic status. Parents are willing to sacrifice more just to provide a quality education for their children.  AMA Education System’s proven and more than 30 years of experience in education business guarantees you with more enrollees and a better profit. Proper management and care, your school franchise can grow exponentially and fruitful.

2. Build your legacy
Most of us rarely get a chance to change and improve the lives of others while reaping financial success at the same time. When you provide quality education accessible and affordable for the community through a school franchise investment, you don’t only help solve education problems in the Philippines but also seizing the opportunity to mold the next generation.

3. Build the country's future
Having a school franchise business will allow you to create an impact in nation building and produce better future leaders for our country. Equipped with the right values and knowledge, the students who will then become the country’s next professionals and leaders, will lead the nation to a brighter future.  One of the solutions that will allow you that is to offer a globally recognized IT-based education at an affordable cost.

The AMA Guarantee
AMA Education System is backed by a strong, reliable organization honed by 35 years of success in the education sector. To date, AMAES has 57 franchise schools in different parts of the country.

AMAES’ top-notch franchising system will assist franchisees with everything required to run a school, including the accomplishment of permits and licenses, site selection, school layout, training, and other necessities, making it the best option for entrepreneurs seeking to be an active participant in nation building.

If you want to schedule a free Franchise Orientation in AMA Head Office, you may call (02) 737-5536 or visit AMA Franchise website: http://amafranchise.amaes.edu.ph